Defense Gets Win For Second Straight Day, Takes 4-3 Lead For Camp

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Contributing writer, Lindsay Petersen

The Missouri Tigers hit Faurot Field for a two-and-a-half hour practice Tuesday morning, under unseasonably cool and overcast skies in Columbia. With temperatures hovering in the 70s, the Tigers got after it in a very competitive practice that came down to the wire, with the defense winning the final two periods to claim a win for the second straight day. That marked the first time in camp that a side has won consecutive days, and it moved the score to 4-3 overall in favor of the defense.

Coach Gary Pinkel said he was pleased with what he saw on Tuesday.

"It was a good practice, very competitive, at the end there, in order to win the (black) shirts today, the defense had to win both 11-on-11's, and they did, so it was good, one side was upset, the other side was elated," Pinkel said. "We're working hard and just keep trying to get better," he added.

Once the action got to 11-on-11, the defense won most of the battles, here were some highlights…

Early on, when the #1 offense and #1 defense went against each other, the defense stopped a run attempt by TB Derrick Washington for little to no gain, and then when QB Blaine Gabbert hit WR T.J. Moe on a quick out, LB Andrew Gachkar closed fast to lay a big lick on Moe that knocked him off his feet. That hit energized the defensive sideline in a big way…

Going into the final period, the score was tied between the offense and defense, meaning the side which won the last period would win the day. The #2 defense got things off to a big start, as they staked the defense to a quick 5-0 lead. The run was capped by a Michael Sam sack to provide a big play and set the table for the #1 defense to bring home the win…

When the ones took the field, Gabbert and Moe connected on another quick hitter that appeared ready to go for a big gain, but safety Kenji Jackson came up and walloped Moe, forcing a fumble that the defense recovered for a 7-0 lead. Washington got the offense on the scoreboard with a gainer of around 8 yards, but an incompletion on an attempted screen pass made it 8-1, in favor of the defense…

With tailbacks Kendial Lawrence (hip pointer) and De'Vion Moore (went home to attend to a family medical situation) out today, the #1 offense turned to true freshman TB Henry Josey, and he responded by bouncing a middle run to the outside and racing 40 yards for a touchdown to make it 8-3. Gabbert then hit WR Gahn McGaffie on a nice sit-down route for about 12 yards that made it 8-4, but the defense responded by stuffing Josey on a run attempt, and closed it out on an incomplete pass, as DE Jacquies Smith got big pressure on Gabbert to force the throw away…


Here were some more practice observations, courtesy of Lindsay Petersen, MU Media Relations student assistant…


During 11 on 11, QB James Franklin hands off the ball to TB Marcus Murphy, and Murphy gains 15 yards on the play as he glides up the middle. Also, QB Jimmy Costello had a nice hand off to TB Derrick Washington who then gained nearly 10 yards before S Jasper Simmons and DL Terrell Resonno put an end to his run. On the last play, the defense and offense remained tied at 8-8. However, J.Simmons and LB Zaviar Gooden were ready to cover as B. Gabbert passed the ball to D. Washington who did not make it 5 yards without being tackled. The defense won this drill.

As the team practiced 3rd down drills, without the lineman, B. Gabbert made a great pass to D. Washington with DB Carl Gettis covering for a gain of 15 yards. This was a great start for the offense. J. Franklin was also able to help gain a few yards for his team as he threw passes to WR Bub Sasser and TE Andrew Jones who each gained nearly 10 yards. LB Andrew Wilson provided coverage for both Sasser and Jones. Costello had a nice pass to TE Eric Waters for a 5 yard gain with LB Jeff Gettys on the tackle. As the day went on, B. Gabbert was able to add to the offense's success on this drill by throwing a pass to D. Washington that scored a touchdown for the offense. DB Kip Edwards, J. Gettys, and A. Wilson were quick to gain points back for the defense as they recovered a fumble. T. Gabbert was quick to get things going back for the offense, and threw the ball to A. Jones for a 10 yard gain on the play. The offense wins this drill 30-21.

During kickoff return drills, several Tigers tried out the return spot, including TB Henry Josey, WR Wes Kemp and S Jasper Simmons.

As the team moved on to their final 11 on 11 drills, the offense was winning by 2. The defense had to win back to back drills in order to hang on to their black jerseys. The drill began with B. Gabbert handing off the ball to D. Washington who was immediately stopped by the defense. Next, B. Gabbert struggled to get rid of the ball in time to avoid being sacked and tried a pass to WR. T.J. Moe. Moe caught the ball for nearly a 5 yard gain but he was tackled immediately by LB Josh Tatum. The offense had a difficult time making any gains down the field. LB Andrew Gachkar made a great tackle on Moe to end the first drill. Defense wins this drill which tied up the day. Next 11 on 11 drill would show the winner of the day.

Mizzou will hit the field twice on Wednesday, with practices scheduled for 7:15 a.m. and again at 3:45 p.m. Those will be the final tune-ups prior to a Thursday morning scrimmage, which will be the second major scrimmage of fall camp. Stay tuned to for continuing coverage of Tiger camp!

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