Friday Practice Goes Overtime, With Defense Getting The Win

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Lindsay Petersen, Mizzou Athletic Media Relations


Today's practice took place indoors at the Dan Devine Pavilion, due to a storm that rolled through mid-Missouri Friday morning.  It was another good practice for the Tigers as the competition got tough between the defense and offense.  In the end, the score was tied, and coaches ordered a three-play overtime session between the #1 offense and #1 defense to determine the winning side for the day.  The defense claimed wins on all three plays, to take the day, and tie up the daily competition at five wins aside.


"It was a pretty competitive practice, I love practices like that," Pinkel said.  "When the practice was over, we were tied for the black shirts, so what we did was like a little three-play playoff, with the one offense and one defense, and the one defense won, so defense won today, and you get better as a football team when you compete like that.  I always tell my players that if you get a lockerroom full of competitors, regardless of their ability level or not, they can do a lot of damage, so we're excited about that," he said.





Here are some highlights of the practice that led to the show down between the defense and offense...


During passing drills, QB Jimmy Costello made a nice pass to TB De'Vion Moore who ran 5 yards for a touchdown. QB Ashton Glaser also made a long spiraling complete pass to WR Rolandis Woodland with DB Trey Hobson on the coverage. Next, QB James Franklin threw a deep pass to WR Gahn McGaffie who made a flying leap to catch the ball before DB Daniel Easterly caught up to him. Next, S Jasper Simmons made a stop on WR T. J. Moe to give no gain and the defense ends up winning this drill.


Next, the offensive and defensive lines practiced in 1-on-1 pass block/pass rush drills. The defense comes on strong as DL Dominique Hamilton, DL Terrell Resonno, DL Aldon Smith, and DL Jacquies Smith all make it through the first string offensive line to the QB dummy. When the second string offensive line comes up, they gain points back for the offense as OL Travis Ruth keeps DL Jimmy Burge from reaching the QB and gets the offense out to a good start. Ruth got the better of Burge again and knocks him to the ground in his next turn. OL Justin Britt was also able to help the offense gain victory when he kept Hamilton and Resonno out of reach with strong force. The first string offense comes up to try one more time to break the tie. First, OL Dan Hoch fights to break J. Smith down as they struggle until time is up. OL Austin Wuebbels, OL Tim Barnes, OL Jayson Palmgren are all successful in their drills against the defensive line. A. Smith gives one last effort to gain points for the defense as he weaves past OL Elvis Fisher to reach the QB dummy. Offense wins this drill in the end.


When 11 on 11 began, the offense and defense were tied up. WR L'Damian Washington gave the offense a jump start when he caught a long pass by pressured QB Blaine Gabbert and ran for a nearly 30 yard gain. QB Franklin also has a highlighted play when he throws a low pass to TB De'Vion Moore who made a diving catch. DL Hamilton was on the coverage. The defense gains back some momentum after they recover a fumble, but it would not be enough. On the next play, the offensive line holds up so that B. Gabbert can make a run down the middle for a gain of 30+ yards. The offense wins this round.


On the next 11 on 11 drill, the defense was determined not to lose again and stepped up their game. DB Carl Gettis was on the tackle after B. Gabbert threw a high pass to L. Washington who caught it with one hand as Gettis came down on him. LB Andrew Gachkar was also amped up and made a tackle on WR T.J. Moe and tipped a ball thrown by B. Gabbert that was ultimately intercepted by Gettis.  The defense keeps the intensity up as they pressure B. Gabbert to throw the ball away and win the match. With the defense's win, the Tigers head into overtime.


During overtime, there were only three plays that determined the outcome of the drill. On the first snap, B. Gabbert handed the ball to TB Derrick Washington, but Aldon Smith and Dominique Hamilton were there to knock down D. Washington as he tripped to the ground with no gain on the play. On the second play, Aldon Smith found his way through the line and made the sack on B. Gabbert for the defensive win, and they made it 3-0 in the short series after forcing an incomplete pass on the final snap.


After a short break, Mizzou returns to the practice field this afternoon for a workout scheduled for 3:45 p.m.  The team will have a single practice Saturday morning at 7:15, and then get a two-day break from practice, as Monday is the first day of fall semester classes at Mizzou.  The team will practice next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, with Thursday marking the final full-fledged scrimmage of fall camp.


Check back to to get the latest news and updates on the Tiger's two-a-days practices.

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