Weekly Journal Entry: Priscilla Armendariz

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Hello Tiger fans!

Today is Wednesday March 24, 2010 and Spring Break is right around the corner, which means that we have been in spring training for nine weeks now. These past nine weeks have flown by and the team as a whole has improved more than words can describe.

I have never seen a team become so in sync with one another than I have seen our team.  Just recently we started regular team practice, no more individual practice; now it is with the entire squad. With only a few weeks of practice done, we have made many improvements. We are still lifting and doing challenges throughout the week also. Everyone on the team is getting stronger and faster. School has been going well although I have been so extremely busy the past few weeks. I have done a lot better on tests and papers that I thought I would and I am very happy about that. Sadly I am not doing anything out of control over spring break, just going home to good ole Blue Springs to spend time with my family and friends. Oh, I just recently turned 20 years old on the 20th of March, so that was exciting! I am super excited to get Spring ball going. Our first tournament is April 10th in Kentucky and I think that we are going to put on a show! We do have a small scrimmage April 6th at Hearnes which is the Tuesday we come back from Spring break. That will be good practice and a lot of fun for us. Tomorrow, Thursday March 25th was our last day of practice before we went on break and we made it a good one. I am ready for a break though, these past weeks of practice have been very intense and lifting has been its heaviest yet. We have had a ton of people getting PR's in the weight room, including myself! Well that is pretty much all that is happening right now!






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