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Hello Tiger fans!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. Last Friday my day started off going to class at 8:55 a.m., but when I got to the door there was a notice that stated that class was cancelled! I was kind of mad that she didn't send an e-mail out earlier - that way I wouldn't have had to wake up that early. Shoot, the more sleep I can get the better! So I just took care of some school business in the art department since my next class didn't start till 12. I went over to Memorial Union had a little lunch with a couple of friends.

This week has not been too intense at practice. In the weight room we've been pushing some heavy weight around with strength and conditioning coach Andrew Paul. I believe that everyone on our team PR'd in something this week. Jules (Julianna Klein) broke a team record in the power cling and then 30 seconds later I broke her record by a pound or two. It was pretty funny how we wanted to continue to battle each other but we simply did not have time to do so! That's all from me for now. We are getting ready to start the competition part of our spring schedule, so hopefully we can do some good things. Thanks for checking in!

- Brittney Brimmage

Also, the Mizzou volleyball program will be featuring a video update each week to help fans get to know members of the team. This week, the blog will feature an interview with Weiwen 'Wendy' Wang. Click the video below to watch.

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