Big 12 Championships Seeding Update

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So there's just one game remaining in the 2010 Big 12 Conference basketball regular season, and we still don't know where 10 of the 12 men's teams will finish the race. [Kansas has clinched its sixth straight title, and the No. 1 seed that goes along with it; Nebraska has clinched the 12 spot.]

The women's side of the bracket is pretty cut-and-dried, from a Mizzou standpoint: The Tigers are the No. 12 seed and will play at 1:30 p.m. next Thursday against the No. 5 seed, which will come down to the wire. It appears anyone from the group of Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, or Texas A&M could end up in that slot, based on this weekend's final games. The winner of the opening-round game would face the No. 4 seed - which also will come from that group - on Friday at 1:30 p.m. in the quarterfinals.

I also wanted to make a couple of corrections to a Missourian blog post this morning regarding the men's seeding. Mizzou can still finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th in the conference standings, and could possibly even finish 3rd without even beating Kansas. The scenarios are frankly mind-boggling, and not nearly as simple as "If Mizzou wins (or loses), they'll finish in Nth place". With the help of an Iowa State fan who has written a program to sort out all the tiebreakers, here's how the seeds will play out:

If Mizzou beats Kansas, the Tigers are the:

  • • No. 2 seed if Kansas State (at home vs. Iowa State), Baylor (at home vs. Texas) and Texas A&M (at Oklahoma) all lose. Not a likely scenario, admittedly, but it's out there.
  • • No. 3 seed if only one of the three among Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M win.
  • • No. 4 seed if two out of three among Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M win.
  • • No. 5 seed if Baylor and Kansas State both.

If Mizzou loses to Kansas, the Tigers are the:

  • • No. 3 seed if Baylor (at home vs. Texas) AND Texas A&M (at Oklahoma) lose.
  • • No. 4 seed if Baylor loses.
  • • No. 5 seed if Baylor and Texas A&M both win.

These scenarios play out because of the Big 12's tiebreaker rules. While there are not divisions in the league, there ARE divisions for scheduling and tiebreaker purposes. Mike DeArmond from the Kansas City Starexplained the process yesterday.

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