Volleyball Weekly Journal: Caitlyn Vann

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 Hello Volleyball Fans!


Caitlyn Vann here. Well...last week was quite interesting. Coach Paul aimed at making it one of our hardest weeks so far and I must say that between individuals, lifting, running stairs, and 24-minute Indian runs, our team was definitely exhausted by the time Friday rolled around. However, we have undoubtedly come a long way since the first week of training.


We progressed from two four-minute and one two-minute Indian runs, to three seven-minute runs and one four-and-a-half minute runs! Looks like our team will definitely be in shape this year! This week is supposed to be one of our lighter weeks, which will be nice since we've been going very hard the past three. We still condition, lift, practice and play in open gyms, but the level of difficulty will go down a little bit. So far our team looks great! Everyone is very focused on the goals that we want to achieve for next year - and we are putting in the effort to get there! As far as the Tiger competition going on amongst the team, the Black Team (my team) won again this week! We had people doing extra workouts, extra study hall, answering nutrition questions, and of course WINNING CHALLENGES to come out on top once again this week. As of now with the challenges, we are ahead 7-1....we'll see how this week goes! Anyway, that's about it as far as what's going on in Mizzou volleyball land. We're all still working hard and improving so we can hopefully put on a show next year and come out with a Big 12 Championship! Talk to you later!


- Vann

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