The Real Story About the Texas Bowl Post-Game

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We've received several angry e-mails from fans of both Missouri and Navy regarding the incident involving both bands at the conclusion of last week's Texas Bowl in Houston. Fans were upset that Mizzou showed "lack of class" in disrespecting the traditions of the Naval Academy; one even postulated that we had "hatred for the military" after a sequence in which both bands played simultaneously. While it should be noted that Mizzou has its own traditions that were interrupted as well, it is obvious that nothing could be further from the truth regarding disrespect for the military.

As is explained by Caitlin Carter in yesterday's Columbia Missourian, there was a misunderstanding between the schools.

At a game operations meeting that took place the day before the Texas Bowl, officials from both schools agreed that the losing team's band would play first. Marching Mizzou did just that immediately following the game, going through its normal sequence of playing the fight songs, singing the alma mater, then closing with the fight songs again.

It is apparently during the time that M2 was singing that the Navy band, positioned 130 yards across the field and unable to hear singing amid the celebration of the win, thought that Marching Mizzou was finished, and began playing itself.

We're proud of Marching Mizzou, which has been in existence for 125 years, and look forward to many more bowl trips with the "Big 'M' of the Midwest"!

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The Missouri Band did not play "immediately following the game." Quite some time elapsed between the end of the game and when they started playing. Further, there were no Missouri players anywhere on the field, and virtually all fans had departed also "....and the band played on...".

That was a sorry excuse for unprofessionalism. If there was a veiled apology in there somewhere I missed it. Every time something happens it's written off as a misunderstanding. There wasn't a Mizzou fan left on your side within the free world and Navy gave you all plenty of time to finish. Come on Big "M" can do better than that. Circling the wagons and wishing this incident away to the corn field doesn't get it. You all know what happened and i was there to witness this personally. It had every appearance of being deliberate.

Robert J. Schappert III
Navy's Self-Proclaimed # 1 Fan
Pasaden, Maryland

I have family who are Alumni of the Naval Academy and currently have family there now. I have attended the Army-Navy game and have a son who is active duty as a US Army Ranger who has done 5 deployments to the Middle East. Army lost when I attened the game but I was proud to stand for Navy's singing of the Blue and Gold. My son did attend Mizzou for his Freshman year before entering the Army. I find your repsone to what happened after the game a good explanation.But, I am embarassed as a Missourian and as an Army mom I feel a double insult. I cannot believe our head coach would lead his team off the field before the playing of the Blue and Gold. We may have lost the game but we did not have to lose our character. Mizzou owes Navy an apology as Notre Dame did not lead their team off the field when they lost to Navy. I love Mizzou and Marching Mizzou. Please do something to restore our good name in the Big 12.

The Navy Sports blog The Birddog has a thread that replies better than anything I could.

Nice one, there are actually some good points on this blog some of my associates just might find this useful, I will send a link, thanks.

I also attended the Texas Bowl game and was stunned when Missouri's band played on endlessly, without a player, coach, pompom girl,or fan anywhere in sight. In my opinion, if you want to honor a tradition, how about the one that honors our military? Seems like it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to make the right call on that one...but then if you need a rocket scientist, you'd probably look at the Naval Academy for one. For some reason, Missouri is the only school out there that doesn't know about standing behind the Navy for the Blue & Gold. Maybe Mizzou could learn something from Ohio State. Shame, shame, shame.

Please excuse the Navy fans looking for reasons to be offended. I promise we aren't all this way.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I certainly never LOOK for reasons to be offended. I was truly disappointed. My son attends the academy; he's many miles away from home. Because there are so few times that our family is together, times like these are really meaningful. I practiced the words to Blue & Gold before the game because there is something really special about taking part in that tradition. Possibly, the difference here is that MJ is a Navy fan...I'm Navy family.

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