Catie Wilson's Weekly Update

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Each week, the blog will feature a weekly update from one of the Tiger volleyball players, updating their training throughout the spring. First up on the volleyball blog is Tiger middle hitter Catie Wilson. Wilson finished the 2009 season as the Big 12's seventh-most efficient hitter. She also posted more kills last season than in her first two seasons as a Tiger combined. Below is her weekly update.


Hello Tiger Fans!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is having a great 2010!  After four full weeks of being at home I was very excited to be coming back to Mizzou for the new semester! And I think my mom was just as excited to get me out of the house and back to school.  The start of the semester is always an exciting time because of new classes, new work outs and getting to see friends I haven't seen in over a month.   Overall the first week of school has been a successful one.  I only got lost on my way to one of my classes which is a large improvement from the past. My classes this semester look like they are going to be a lot of fun (if that is possible).  I am taking a self defense class which is guaranteed to be interesting to say the least.  Volleyball is also in full swing again and we are as busy as ever.  We have already started our individual practices, conditioning and lifting weights.  My individual practices consist of Brittney, Lindsey and I perfecting our technique as middles.  Brittney has even come up with a sweet dance move we do to help us improve our hitting technique.  As for weights and conditioning, Coach Paul (our strength coach) is working us very hard and getting us into great shape so we are prepared in the fall to compete for a Big 12 Championship.  We are also having open gyms which consist of us playing two on two which is very challenging and a lot of fun.  So pretty much our "off" season does not consist of a lot of leisure time, we are in the gym, weight room or both at least 5 days a week.  All of this hard work in the spring and the summer is going to pay off in the fall!  I am extremely excited for my senior season; it is going to be one to remember! Only 210 days until August 27th (our first match)!!!!!


Catie Wilson

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