All-Decade Team Announced

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The first decade of this latest century featured outstanding successes by Mizzou student-athletes in all sports, both in the classroom and on the field of competition. Today, we celebrate the decade that was by paying tribute to the Mizzou Athletics All-Decade Team (2000-09), as selected by For each sport, a performer of the decade has been featured, as well as two to three honorable mention selections.

Tiger fans now have the opportunity to select their top male and female athlete of the decade, in a special fan vote. Vote now on the men's team, and you'll be directed to the women's vote next.

Have some input on the team? Feel one person's deserving of a spot more than someone else? Put in your two cents via the comments section below.

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Chase Daniel has to get mentioned on the all decade team.

No Chase Daniel? Apparently you forgot about what he did for the football program.

Not to degrade anyone on the list, but not having a Heisman finalist on the list makes the voting invalid IMO. Add Chase Daniel and re-do the vote.

Agreed about Chase. He's gotta be there.

what about Ian Kinsler for baseball?

I can't believe Justin Smith didn't make the list. First round draft pick 4th overall!!

I think Nikki Thole should have at worst, gotten an honorable mention for soccer. She was a soccer all american in 1999, and a finalist for the Hermann Trophy (think Heisman for women's soccer) in 2000.

OK, I guess Nikki Thole only played one season this decade (2000), but I still think she should have been mentioned for an honorable mention, based on that season alone.

I would liked to have seen Colleen Gordon as an honorable mention candidate for the women's swim team. She holds top five times in 8 different events and is probably the most versatile swimmer in MU history.

This is the craziest list I've ever seen, Track are you kidding me Cantwell over Peterson.. Come on, who the hell is keeping the stat at Mizzou,
Peterson's Record at Mizzou,
8-time Big 12 Champion, in one event. ONLY ATHLETE TO EVER DO THIS.
AMERICAN COLLEGE RECORD , that still stand
ALL WHILE WEARING THE BLACK AND GOLD, which is why you call it the Mizzou All Decade Team, emphasis on what they did at Mizzou.

Jerry -- Strictly based on the criteria of the All-Decade team, Derrick Peterson was actually close to not being included at all. Seven of Derrick's eight semesters occurred in the 1990's; only his senior-year indoor and outdoor seasons occurred after Jan. 1, 2000. The fact that he ran an American collegiate record in the 800 at that year's NCAA Championships (in addition to his two Big 12 titles) sealed the deal.

Same goes for those wanting Kinsler and Smith on the team. Both played for the Tigers just one year, and others with 2, 3, and 4-year careers did more in the decade than the ones you mention.

What about Anthony Peeler ? He was the greatest KC local basketballer player of all times.. and the most entertaining to watch.

Shawn Jasper led the golf team to Nationals his sophomore year and made the finals as an individual. He tied for 16th in the Nation and was named an All American -- both academically and athletically. Peter Malnati had a good career, but he never led the team or himself to Nationals.

Lindsey Hunter was the excellent choice for volleyball but I think Shen Danru should have had an honorable mention.

The best defensive end ever from Missouri, Justin Smith did not make it. At least honorable mention.

What about Pat Mingucci, Chase Daniel, Justin Gage, Justin Smith, or Jeremy Maclin. I don't think the choices were very good.

I am going to have to agree with eric; I nominate Ian Kinsler

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