Checking in With Tori

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Women's basketball player Tori Niemann will write a weekly blog entry to keep Tiger fans in the know on the Mizzou women's basketball team. Check back early week for updates!

It's almost time to move back to Columbia.  I feel like my time at home has flown by, but I'm excited to go back to school and be in the gym with my teammates, old and new.  There are eight of us returning and we are welcoming five new faces to our family.  I cannot believe that Paige, Maggie and I have a year of experience under our belts.  I still remember our first couple of weeks at school.  We had big eyes and constantly felt lost.  We were never exactly sure where to go or how hard a workout was going to be or what a class was going to be like, but we survived.  I think this summer will be a little more relaxed and it will be our turn to help the new wide-eyed freshmen become adjusted.

On Memorial Day, I went to Gorin, Missouri, and visited the cemetery my grandpa is buried in.  He was a World War II veteran.  All of the veteran's graves were marked with small flags and the drive was lined with larger flags.  It was a neat moment when we first pulled in to see so many flags.  After spending a moment at my grandpa's grave, my mom showed us some other graves of much older relatives.  We were able to find my great-great-great-great grandma Beersheba's grave (how would you like to have that for a name?).  It was a good day and I got to learn more about where I come from.  We should all be thankful for the heroes that are serving and have served our country as well as being thankful for our families that are here or that have passed on.

Next time you hear from me I will be in Columbia!

Peace, Love, and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

Women's basketball player Tori Niemann will write a weekly blog entry to keep Tiger fans in the know on the Mizzou women's basketball team. Check back early week for updates!

I have been home around two weeks now and we still have two more weeks before we go back to Columbia for summer classes and workouts. It has been so nice being home and spending time with family. After being at school for a year with limited visits to home, and I know I saw my family more than quite a few of my teammates, I appreciate sitting in the living room watching TV with my family or having my mom fix dinner. I haven't talked to all of my teammates since we have been on break, but the ones that I have talked to are loving being home just as much as I am.

School has been out for nearly two weeks here at Mizzou, so campus is looking like a bit of a ghost town. On Saturday, however, there will be plenty of action to keep Tiger fans busy. Here's a full rundown:

Checking in with Tori Niemann

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Women's basketball player Tori Neimann will write a weekly blog entry to keep Tiger fans in the know on the Mizzou women's basketball team. Check back early week for updates!

I cannot believe my freshman year is over.  It was almost one year ago that I was getting ready to graduate and take the next step, which was towards Mizzou.  I remember not having the slightest idea how the next year would turn out, and now looking back, all I can do is smile. This past year was absolutely amazing.  I not only made new friends, I gained thirteen sisters.  This past year has left me with many memories packed with sweat, tears, and plenty of laughs.

This past week was our first week of summer.  Last week was finals week and we all survived!  Some of us were done a little early with only a few finals and then there was Bailey (Gee), who had three in one day.  Needless to say, we are all ready for a few weeks at home!

The main idea of this blog is to give you an inside look of our team.  Every week I will be writing about different things that we are doing or just give you a glimpse of our lives. I hope you enjoy and can learn a little more about your Mizzou Women's Basketball Team!

Peace, Love, and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

2011 Big 12 Outdoor Championships Live Blog

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Follow the action at the Big 12 Outdoor Championships in Norman, Okla.!

Pip Armendariz's Journal Entry

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Hello ALL! Well it is about that time, time to wrap up the spring semester. As most of you know by now we are short on players so the opportunity for us to play any spring tournaments was limited. Sadly, we will not be going to any spring tournaments this year. This week of the 18th is our last week of spring practices. We will continue to lift the week after and do our final testing in the weight room with high hopes of everybody setting personal records on their lifts! A lot of people in the past couple weeks have already been hitting their PR's which is great! Brittney set a new team record for power cleans and we all were very proud of her! As far as practices go, we have had a couple of the alumni players coming back to help us out so we could be able to scrimmage and do more 5 on 5 and 6 on 6 work to give our team a more game like feel to practices. Catie Wilson and Wendy Wang have been coming to help us out with that and I can't thank them enough! All spring we have been doing very simple, but very important skill work. A lot of individual reps and drills to get our techniques down to a T. I think this spring has been going really well. We have a really young team right now and it is going to stay that way. We have 5 more freshman coming in to add to the 2 we already have now. With Britt and I being the only seniors it is going to take a lot of leadership from us to guide this new, young team to victory and I am super excited for it!

2011 Mizzou vs. Georgia Duel

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Hello and welcome Tiger fans to the Mizzou vs. Georgia Duel! Be sure to follow and comment for live updates! Follow the link below!

Scoring System and Format Set for Black & Gold Game

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Greetings from Mizzou, can't believe that we're already at the end of the 2011 spring camp!  As all good Tiger fans know, camp concludes tomorrow (Saturday, April 16th) with the annual Black & Gold Spring Game.  Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. at Faurot Field, so be sure to come out and join in the fun!  It's about the most affordable event you could possibly see, as it costs only $3 per person, or three canned food items, which go to benefit the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri (a great, great organization that does amazing work).

It's rainy today (Friday) in CoMo, but all of that will be gone tomorrow, and the temperatures are expected to be in the 50s for the game, so it will be a great day to come see just what this team is made of.  Plus, there's a great sale going on at the Tiger Team Store (beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday), and then after football is over, there's exciting action just across the street at softball and baseball.  The 9th-ranked Tiger softball team hosts 14th-ranked Oklahoma at 3:30 p.m. at University Field, and that's followed closely by our baseball Tigers taking on rival Kansas at 4 p.m. at Simmons Field/Taylor Stadium.

Now, on to the scoring system for tomorrow's Black & Gold Game.  I'm pleased to disclose that our coaches have decided to make the scoring system much less complicated than the past several years.  The game still won't be a traditional football game per se, but it will be much closer to a standard day than previously.

The first half will feature the #1 offense and the #1 defense (called Mizzou1) competing against all other strings (Tiger2), with the reserves starting the game with a 14-0 lead (something I think we should automatically do for all home games in the future).  Standard football scoring will apply for the first half, with touchdowns, field goals, extra points, safeties, etc., being the rule.  The teams will square off in two 10-minute quarters for the first half.

At halftime, the score will go back to zero-zero, and the game will switch over to an offense-vs.-defense scrimmage, as has been done for the past few years of Black & Gold Games.  In this format, a unique scoring system is used to determine the winner.  The second half will consist of two 8-minute quarters.

The scoring for the offense in the second half will be confined to traditional scoring - no more bonus points for first downs, big plays, etc.  For the defense, they will score points in a few ways, but again, everything is much more streamlined than in the past, which should make it more enjoyable for fans.  Here's the scoring system:

2nd-Half Scoring System

Defense (Black Jerseys/Gold Pants)

  • Safety - 2 pts.
  • Forcing a Turnover - 5 pts.
  • Turnover that results in a defensive TD - 12 pts.

Offense (Gold Jerseys/Black Pants)

  • Extra Point Kick - 1 pt.
  • Two-Point Conversion - 2 pts.
  • Field Goal - 3 pts.
  • Touchdown - 6 pts.

Hope to you see you at Faurot Field tomorrow!  Gates open at 11:30 a.m., and there are a lot of fun activities for the kiddos (inflatable games, face painting, meet Truman, etc.) in the North Concourse of the stadium from the time the gates open, up until kickoff.

Brittney Brimmage's Journal Entry

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HI!!!! Its Brittney Brimmage #2 MB for Missouri Volleyball!!!


This week, practice is going really well and we are winding down the clock to our little summer break. Our two new first-semester freshmen are blending in well in our program and have adapted really well to our program.

2011 Tom Botts Live Blog

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Hello Tiger fans and welcome to the 2011 Tom Botts Invitational! We will be blogging live all day from the track. Follow along by clicking the link below.